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“Everyone was friendly, kind, and concerned for my comfort.”

“Love the music. It was so relaxing. Took a nap. Lol.”

“Very friendly staff”

“I have always been treated very well anytime I have come.”

“Staff very helpful and kind. If I need another scan will come back here!”

“Was very relaxing – kind people and comfy atmosphere. Thanks a bunch!”

“Everyone was very nice.”

“First time for me. I was nervous at first, but the staff made it extremely easy and confortable. Keep up the good work!”

“I think everyone is doing a great job here. Keep up the good work.”

“All staff were so polite and helpful. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and quality customer service.”

“I loved it this time how I was told each picture’s time units!!”

“Everyone was extremely nice. I will come back here if I need any more MRI’s.”

“Nice and comfortable”

“Very relaxing”

“Patty was very calming.”

“Paperwork was “easily understood with markings to help”

“Tech was great – checking in about every ten minutes and letting me know time remaining!”

“Even though I didn’t make it all the way through they were very understanding and didn’t make me feel like an idiot for being a wimp!”

“Lady doing the scan was very nice and helpful.”

“The wet rag helped so much, it helped with the mental stress of going thru a MRI. Big guy, small places. LOL. Thanks for all the help.”

“Awesome – Thanks Girls!”

“MRI scan room environment was very clean.”

…”I just kept my eyes closed and tried to breathe slowly and think about something else. Personnel was excellent!!”

“…explaining how loud it will become or telling us it’s almost over. Patty was great at that and checking in with you!”

“All staff were very pleasant and gave me all of the info and reassurance I needed.”

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